Hot and cold water

This activity, mainly consists of the pipeline going through the most accessible place, therefore, we take care about offering and recommending the best system and service to our clients.

The hot and cold water system, can be a repair such as a new water line, which is one of our best specialties at Yacht Plumbing, offering the best options from the beginning to the very end. We also recommend, the best quality materials in the market, to our clients, with whom we constantly work, recommending approved products (that comply with L.O.I.D / Rina)

The materials we work with:

Black and gray waters

We are more than familiarized, with the change of both: black same as gray water lines, since it is one of the most demanded services by our clients. In order to carry out the water lines, we normally use ABS / PVC materials, as flexible pipes too, approved for odor; with the corresponding links, valves, siphon breaks and adequate signs.

Bilge and fire

In this specialty, what we usually do, is carrying out a construction or repair of pipes and pumps. The pipes are made of the following materials:
Press Fitting (CUNI or Inox), ABS / PVC or flexible (approved pipes), with the corresponding bronze valves, and suitable links, according to the boat regulations.

Repair of pumps, valves and manifolds

When it comes to pump’s repair, we proceed in a first instance, to check the status of its functional operation, our mainly job consist on verifying, in which conditions the pump currently is, analyzing the interiors, once we located the problem, we proceed, in a second instance to report the status of the pump (upper and lower mechanical seal) to the person in charge (Machine Engineer / Captain). Once the responsible, agrees with the status of the pump, we proceed to its respective repair.

In the case of valves, we look at what type of valve we are facing, since, in most of the cases, we find valves that are rusted and in poor conditions.

Regarding the manifolds, and also depending on what they are used for: whether for raw or sea water, we proceed in different ways in both cases, since it could be: only a cleaning being sandblasted and painted, or its full replacement.