Cleaning of A/C equipment

Cleaning of fan-coils and chillers equipment

Sea water and refrigeration circuits, with descaling acid and Fan Coil cleaning (degreased and disinfected):

When it comes to, the full cleaning of t fan-coils, what we do at YPS, is taking them to our facilities, where we proceed to their full disassembly, and proper cleaning, with a special degreaser / ecological product, leaving it in perfect conditions of hygiene, use and disinfection.

Furthermore, the cleaning of the ventilation ducts, is also carried out as a must, or the replacement of the same one too.

Once the fan-coil has been reinstalled, after its cleaning, we proceed also to clean the boat's ventilation ducts, since most of the times, there is always a lot of dust and dirt; we do this with the main purpose, to ensure our client, that the duct is fully cleaned and sanitized.

On the other hand, regarding the cleaning of the chiller, a circulation pump is placed, in the cooling system to remove marine debris; we make sure to install a filter, so the dirt does not have a chance to return back inside the system. For this procedure we use a non-corrosive descaling / ecological product, which is function consists in eliminating all the dirt in the pipe. Once the use of the product has concluded, a flushing is carried out with raw water, which is a must, in order to eliminate any remains that may have remained.