Who We Are

Yacht Plumbing and Service S.L is a company specialized in the fields of hydraulic nautical plumbing, lines and cleaning of pipes.

YPS has been offering a unique artisanal quality service in the market, installed in the center of STP since its conception back in 2014, and moreover with many years of experience in the nautical plumbing industry, thanks to its founder and the big effort and family support behind this project.

The founder and team leader Humberto Godoy, has had a great reputation since 2004 back in his early beginnings at Italian shipyards, such as Wally Group, Pershing Ferretti Group, also collaborating with Swedish shipyards as Ruppert Marine group, Uruguayan shipyards with the Buque-Bus company and more; achieving a highly qualified experience and a great reputation through the years, which has also led him to achieve great relationships, friendships and establish a unique loyalty from his clients, who have continued to choose YPS since the very first moment.

Humberto was joined later by his son Matias, specialized as First Officer in Naval Hydraulic plumbing, and one year later also by his daughter Agostina graduated in Foreign Trade and International Business, to expand the horizons, dreams and visions of Yacht Plumbing and Service.

YPS is represented by two colors: on the first hand the red, which means the passion that Humberto has for the nautical field, and wants to transmit on the daily basis, and puts into every single detail of work, his commitment and perfectionism has led him to become the Michelangelo of the hydraulic nautical plumbing field. On the second hand, through the blue it is represented the trust we want to offer to our clients from the very start.


The fundamental concept of YPS, relies in being a family project, where our fundamental values are based in humility, loyalty and respect; and where also each member is a fundamental link in the chain, fulfilling an important role for the daily improvement and growth of the company; same as for the new members of the team who get to join us in the course of time.

Vision & Values

Expanding our services and work ethic, maintaining the values that define us as a team and as a family: Responsibility, respect, modesty, perseverance and commitment. All this values combined make us who we are nowadays, and allow us to grow day by day, learning and evolving into an even better version, better than the one we were yesterday.