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At Yacht Plumbing, our clients are always our number 1 priority, as we are always looking after them, and trying to supply them with the best and latest services in the market.

This time we have something different for you, keep on reading.

Do you need maximum speed in cleaning, because your boat is leaving in less than a week? 

Don't worry we got you covered.

Only with FILNET Ultrasonic, you will achieve an effective cleaning and in just a few minutes only. FILNET Ultrasonic allows us to provide our clients, with the latest technology in cleaning filters and kitchen utensils, with maximum speed.

Now the most important question: WHY FILNET ULTRASONIC?

Because we can offer you a differentiated and effective service, not only in the cleaning of your kitchen filters, but also for any kitchen utensil that needs to be cleaned (pans, trays, pots, grills, burners). In addition, the Ultrasonic technology provides a speed never seen before in the cleaning of filters and kitchen utensils.
Together, we decide the best formula that fits to our clients. 


Ultrasounds, are waves that are transmitted at frequencies generally beyond the range detected by the human ear, and that in certain applications (the sonic system) are used to clean materials and parts. We explain you how it works:

Step 1: As the sound waves, emitted by the transducers, radiate through the water-chemical solution in the vat, they alternately produce high and low pressures in the solution.

Step 2: During the low pressure stage, millions of microscopic bubbles form and grow. This process is called CAVITATION, which means ''formation of cavities''.

Step 3: During the high pressure stage, the bubbles collapse or ''implode'' releasing enormous amounts of energy. These implosions act like an army of little cleaning brushes. They work in all directions, attacking all surfaces and invading all gaps and openings.